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Welcome to our website!

If you're into soaring leads, analogue patches, bombastic symphonies, classical remakes, progressive rock and epic synthesizer music, you've arrived at just the right place!

Galbatron is an electronic music group based in Holland. The band, consisting of Eppo Schaap (a magazine editor, music teacher and translator) and Loek van Kooten (me, a translator), started making music in 1992, when we launched our first album called Sophistication. The original album was launched on cassette tape only, for distribution with an MSX video game called D.A.S.S. (released by Engine Software). In the year 2000, Galbatron was revived when we had found a new outlet for our music on We re-released a cd version of Sophistication and put out a second album called Robotica, only to disappear again because had stopped paying their artists for downloads. Though we never had the intention to become rich and famous with our music, we did regard's payments for downloads as a symbolic reward and a necessary incentive to continue making music. We also felt that to really get our music off the ground, we had to invest far more time in it than our day jobs and families permitted.

Galbatron's music features prominent use of the synthesizer, and has a majestic, sweeping style with dense, layered arrangements. A standard 4/4 trance beat appears in several songs, but the material is quite varied. For example, we do covers of Widor's Toccata and Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor, both originally written for organ. The latter song was our biggest hit ever.

We did make several songs for a third album, Synthetika, in the meantime available for download, but the actual album was never released back then. Our music is often mixed up with Jean Michel Jarre's, especially in peer-to-peer environments.

Recently, our music has become available for download again. On September 26th 2010 the band was once more revived for a comeback; a new website has been launched and our music has become available on digital outlets like iTunes, Amazon and Spotify, just to name a few.

We already launched our first new 2010 track: Nimrod. And several more tracks are in the pipeline. This time we intend to be back for good, but we will need all the help we can get. For that, you guys are absolutely indispensable. So support us, spread the word (review/like/friend us on all major sites like YouTube, Amazon and iTunes) and above all, enjoy the music!

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04-05-2018, 08:48 CET raphael caudron (Roadie) (15 responses)
I bought on Itunes : "Synthetika III (The Core)" and "Another World" on that is not bad but I enjoy more "Synthetika III" always maybe it's a matter of time before I enjoy Another World as much...I think you should release your stuff on Deezer !!!!
I'm a big fan of Deezer, maybe I could have choosed spotify instead but I started to listen music on Deezer so I just continued...
04-05-2018, 15:40 CET GalbL (Galbatron) (61 responses)
Thank you for listening, raphael! I'm glad you liked Synthetika III.

As for Deezer... all our music is released by cdbaby, which then releases the music to many outlets, amongst which Deezer. Whether Deezer includes our music in their catalogue, is up to Deezer really and not something we can really influence.

If you want to find all our music, iTunes is your best bet (even though iTunes has all kinds of issues I'm very well aware of).

04-05-2018, 15:42 CET GalbL (Galbatron) (61 responses)
I myself always find that good music needs to grow on you a bit, and I certainly hope that's the case with Another World too!

We're not releasing albums anynmore; it's already taking us years to produce singles, let alone whole albums. We don't want you wait that long!

04-05-2018, 16:06 CET raphael caudron (Roadie) (15 responses)
Problems on I-Tunes ? I never had troubles with it...Like I said i bought "Synthetika 3" and "Another World" and I had my download at second after I submitted my order...The tracks are encoded in .M4A at high variable bitrate and have no crashes or troubles...What can I ask more ? :D
Have you thought about video animation for your tracks ?
I'm sorry to hear you won't make a massive tracks releases...I know it takes time to make a good song...For 2% better you need 2X more time when you are on mastering stage...
Your soundclick link on this site is dead !
I will buy the synthetika album but I didn't really hooked on all the tracks because ITunes is giving a short random track sample...No good cause it doesn't really make you buy the track if you don't know the artist yet and love it.
In fact I don't know if I will love the album or not if I'm not yet one of your fans (And I am)...I'm sorry you don't have a positive account with your sell/expenses for hardware and software...Even a VST costs a lot...So what about a real studio, ooooh !
I'm repeating myself but what a pity you don't make more money with your music cause then you would produce and release more stuff ?
What DAW are you using ?
That's all folks !
04-05-2018, 16:30 CET raphael caudron (Roadie) (15 responses)
I also love Aldebaran now, it makes me fly a place of Fantasy...I think same than you....there's is life in space !
Anthem is really good too...This small EP (Synthetika) is giving me good time !!!
I would like more from galbatron to come.
I listened to the Nimrod sample and I haven't been seduced really.
I bought "sophestication" in year 1999 or 2000 I'm not sure to remember well but I like all the stuff on this album.
All your music have the same spirit in matter of "soundform" or "soundtag"...Let I call like this...
05-05-2018, 09:44 CET GalbL (Galbatron) (61 responses)

Problems on I-Tunes ? I never had troubles with it...

iTunes in itself is fantastic. It becomes a problem once you want to play the music on different systems that do not support it, often requiring you to convert the songs to other formats in less legal ways.

Like I said i bought "Synthetika 3" and "Another World" and I had my download at second after I submitted my order...

Thank you very much!

Have you thought about video animation for your tracks ?

Yes, actually we tried it with Synthetika, but timing the animations was too much work, so we gave up on that idea and decided to show the DAW itself instead (Eppo will get back to you about that later, by the way).

Your soundclick link on this site is dead !

Thank you for noticing! It was hardly used anyway, so I've killed the link.

I'm repeating myself but what a pity you don't make more money with your music cause then you would produce and release more stuff ?

We certainly would! At this moment reality has caught up with us and we have families and kids to provide for, so we can only spend so much time on making music.

05-05-2018, 10:23 CET raphael caudron (Roadie) (15 responses)
" iTunes in itself is fantastic. It becomes a problem once you want to play the music on different systems that do not support it, often requiring you to convert the songs to other formats in less legal ways. "

There's a long time ago music tracks delivered by Itunes haven't DRM anymore...I can play them in winamp 5.666 on windows...And even in my smartphone without Itunes system...They would have died if they didn't wiped out their shitty DRM cause for the same price on amazon you haven't DRM too....But Itunes still kept the DRM for movies and this ))= .

05-05-2018, 14:06 CET GalbE (Galbatron) (10 responses)
raphael caudron wrote: I saw the "Synthetika III (The Core)" project on youtube...What is the DAW you are using ???? I never saw it...Is it Cubase ?

Hi Raphael,
The daw you see in the Synthetika III video is Reaper ( It's not as well known as Cubase, Live or FLstudio but it is very powerful and a lot of technical proficient producers use it, because of it's versatility, also for midi data. For the video we enlarged the mixer view, so there would be some extra movement on screen :-). BTW: the project was started in Reason 8 and halfway we moved the files to Reaper to make use of extra functionality (VST plugins) that weren't available in Reason at the time. In the meantime Reason supports VST plugs too...

05-05-2018, 14:54 CET raphael caudron (Roadie) (15 responses)
" The daw you see in the Synthetika III video is Reaper ( It's not as well known as Cubase, "
I heard about reaper but I never used it...I'm rolling with FL studio and Renoise.

Yes a big problem with Reason was that it didn't supported VSTs...A big error of politic in my opinion...I didn't knew it works with VSTs now.

What are the VSTI you love at Galbatron base ?

The smallest vsti can be a bless even if free and small if you use it the right way for the right song.

I'm now enjoying "Another World" , I also bought "Synthetika" album...Very good, you guys are making refreshing music in my mind !

06-05-2018, 13:03 CET raphael caudron (Roadie) (15 responses)
Finally "Synthetika III (The Core) is my favorite song by Galbatron...All your talents are concentrated inside this track.

The vocals that makes me think to "Deep Forest" (do you know that band ?) give this track an incredible and exciting feeling of satisfaction for my ears and my mind.

I also enjoy the change in the melody when the vocals come...This song makes me fly !

Thanks Eppo and Loek, I'm sorry your music didn't had the success it really deserves in my opinion.

Making good music isn't enough to be famous...

Most of famous artist are selling an image more than a real musical talent...Sometimes these factors both !

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