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Synthetika III (The Core) (2018)

1. Synthetika III (The Core) [5:31]

Baroque II (2013)

1. Baroque II [5:44]

Another World (2011)

1. Another World [6:37]

Nimrod (2010)

1. Nimrod [5:22]

Synthetika (2003)

1. Synthetika (The Infiltration) [4:29]

2. Aldebaran [5:31]

3. Anthem [5:51]

4. Dragon Dance II: The Concert in Tokyo [6:28]

5. Synthetika (The Base) [4:27]

Robotica (2000)

1. Robotica (The First Voyage) [3:56]

2. Dix [4:48]

3. Toccata et Fuga in D Minor [8:22]

4. Formula 1 [5:06]

5. The Widor Toccata [6:06]

6. Light One Candle [2:16] (featuring Ric Bonnell)

7. Robotica (The Saga Continues) [8:16]

8. Robotica (The Final Apocalypse) [8:05]

Sophistication (1992)

1. Sophistication #1 (Intro) [5:12]

2. Life in Space [4:36]

3. Flying on a String [3:02]

4. DASS XXX [4:50]

5. Love in Space [2:58]

6. The Final Curtain [2:15]

7. Demon War [1:52]

8. Sophistication #2 (Intermezzo) [3:58]

9. Sophistication #3 (Grand Finale) [4:03]

10. Dragon Dance [7:39]

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29-06-2013, 18:30 CET Bill Herbert (Groupee) (1 response)

I've found a 32 second track titled Epilogue in my Galbatron folder It may be from as far back as the old Did Galbatron release anything of that title and length? (It's possible that its something that ended up in the wrong folder.)

Thanks! It's great to hear Galbatron active again.


29-06-2013, 20:19 CET GalbL (Galbatron) (61 responses)
That track is indeed ours It was never released separately, as we found it too short, but it's still used at the end of our promo videos on YouTube!

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